Extend your patient care by referring them to MedicAlert® Foundation.

No medical ID is enough to tell the full story. It's often the little details in a patient’s medical history that can make a big difference to treatment, medication management or diagnosis. That's why MedicAlert support members with 24/7 access to secure and clinically validated health records that can communicate those life-saving details.

For patients living with chronic conditions, medical devices, serious allergies or special needs, MedicAlert communicates crucial details that impact the efficacy of their care.

Why refer?

Referring your patients to MedicAlert ensures that even when they walk out of your door, they'll still be in the safest possible hands. Because by making a referral, you can ensure their clinically validated health record is accessible anywhere, any time to anyone who relies on it to diagnose, prescribe or treat them. It means you and other healthcare professionals will be able to access vital information about conditions, allergies, medications and medical history that help you make the right decision and deliver better patient outcomes. Dr Leung chooses to recommend MedicAlert to her patients, watch the video to learn why.

Why choose MedicAlert to protect your patients?

MedicAlert is clinically validated and the only service of its kind that's endorsed by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Allergy Organisation (WAO). And, because it's nationally and internationally recognised, your patients will be in safe hands wherever they travel.

How to refer

For more information on how to refer, to order a free resource pack or learn more about the benefits of membership visit the MedicAlert website.