ENCEPHALITIS Global issue, human solution


Encephalitis is serious and indiscriminate. It can affect anyone of any age and gender.

Yet as healthcare professionals we may not come across cases too often and are not always equipped with the
resources to help our patients or to keep them informed.

Encephalitis Society offers support to healthcare professionals and those affected by encephalitis. We believe encephalitis is a global issue, but one with a human solution. Encephalitis Society is here to raise awareness, support research and provide support fora life after encephalitis.

Prof Tom Solomon & Dr Ava Easton with WHO petition, Feb, 2020


The World Health Organization, Feb, 2020

Does encephalitis matter? Our almost 28,000 strong petition to the World Health Organization says it does!

A petition with 27, 797 signatures from 126 countries was presented to the World Health Organization (WHO) to mark World Encephalitis Day, February 22, 2020. Around 2,000 Australians joined calls to WHO to help guide the dialogue.

President of Encephalitis Society, Professor Tom Solomon and Chief Executive, Dr Ava Eason, presented the petition to increase awareness of the life-threatening neurological condition that kills up to 30 per cent of those affected

While the world is gripped with fear over the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, encephalitis affects one person every minute around the world, leaving many with permanent brain injury and a legacy of disabilities.

Encephalitis Team Photo

Expertise is in your hands. One of the greatest challenges we face is how to best inform people about protection against an illness for which the risk may be low, yet the consequences may be severe.

“If you could see my daughter, you’d know straight away that it’s not worth taking the risk of not vaccinating…”

Darcy Chelsea

With more and more Australians travelling to areas where infectious encephalitis is endemic, we need to equip them with the necessary knowledge.

The WHO along with the Australian Federal Department of Health, recommend vaccination to prevent encephalitis caused by endemic viruses such as Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

However, given the disparity between severity and likelihood, there is often a reluctance among medical professionals to adopting wider vaccination use.

Travel Medicine Research

'More than devastating' - patient experiences and neurological sequelae of Japanese encephalitis.

'Human rabies survivors in India: An emerging paradox?

Tick-borne encephalitis.What travellers should know when visiting anendemic country.

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Join us for our annual conference

Royal College of Physicians, London
December 6, 2020
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The Encephalitis Conference is dedicated exclusively to encephalitis, covering epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in both children and adults.

It covers both infectious and autoimmune aetiologies and is attended by global leaders and a rage of healthcare professionals from across the world.

“If you could see my daughter, you’d know straight away that it’s not worth taking the risk of not vaccinating…”

The Enchephalitis Society conducts global operations, and is the operating name of the Encephalitis Support Group which is registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales No. 04189027. Registered Charity No. 1087843. Registered Charity in Scotland: SC048210